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Just Eszti

the story of the Hungarian female AEROSPACE ENGINEER

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Hello Everyone!

My name is Eszter Anna Varga, or Eszti (sounds like ST)! I was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary making me an international student in the United States. I began my journey, and dream of becoming an Aerospace Engineer at Virginia Tech in 2019!

Hungary has the lowest number of females in STEM & Engineering in the EU.

I wanted to be a writer until I was 15 years old, never curious to pursue anything STEM-related. That was until I wrote my first line of code in the Budapest office of Prezi. Two days later I finished my first game! Along all it's bugs, and fun came an undying passion and interest for technology, engineering, and eventually STEM. My deep passion for the multiverse theory, Pluto, and helping others, has led me on a mission of pursuing aerospace!


With this journey came a lot of opportunities, hardships, lessons, and responsibility. I began challenging my own limits, and setting goals that were deemed: 'crazy'! 

Now I am (most likely) the first Hungarian Female Aerospace Engineer. Creating a new example, that sometimes we can be what we don't see!

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