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Hi, I am Eszti, an Aerospace Engineer After All

On May 13th, I walked the stage to receive my Magna Cum Laude Bachelor's Degree in Aerospace Engineering.

The past 4 years have been the most unique, challenging, and rewarding years of my life. This post could never sum up how much it took to get here, and how becoming the (most likely) first Hungarian female aerospace engineer has shaped my life and who I am.

Here are the numbers: - 4 years

- 2 Presidency

- 1 Vice Presidency

- 3 Social Media Chair

- 1 Brand new organization,

- 1 DEI Committee

- 3 Research Projects

- 2 Internships

- 3 Jobs

- 2 Ambassadors

- 136 credits

- 1.5 degrees

There are all the times I got lucky and all the times I got not so lucky. All my friends, family, mentors, professors, and those who made it all possible.

This is for those who never thought they could or saw someone like them become what they dreamed to be. It takes luck, but it also just takes you to decide you can do it, so go do it! I started this post back in May but held off on posting or continuing for a while. As they say, hindsight is 20/20. Seeing things for the bigger picture when you are in the middle of it, is way harder, than looking back. Perpectives shift, and mine truly has about getting my degree.

For four years, I spent almost every day dreaming of the moment I walked across that stage. In reality? I was tired and burnt out. It took me months, to hold my degree and actually feel that I finally did it.

All those sleepless nights, challenging moments, hardships, happiness, and wonderful moments led to a bright pink dress and way too many cords to count. Trying to steadily walk across as the early summer heat and 3 hours of sitting in the sun have made my feet slippery in my heels.

How a mere 30 seconds of them announcing my name, and me shaking a pair of hands could never resemble the true meaning of this journey was something I didn't realize at the time. Now looking back, I think the first true moment came when I was in a meeting with a new group of people, getting ready to introduce myself, and in the middle of my sentence I stopped and chuckled to myself saying: "Actually, I forgot. I am an aerospace engineer now."

That simple introduction and shift from studying to be, striving to be, and planning to be is what really says it all. I am something I dreamt of being for so long. And this has truly changed nothing.

Apart from owning this piece of paper, I believe the true transformation happened throughout the years, over just that one moment. And especially in the months to come since graduation. When the 5-year goal becomes reality you think to yourself, what's next? And that has been the true reward of it all.

Being back to dreaming, planning, and setting goals that are truly out of this world.

Keep dreaming, keep working, and keep saying it for all to hear at the top of my lungs. You can be anything you have never seen!

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