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From Undergrad to Grad School: Navigating the Exciting Path of Higher Education

I find myself on a new leg of my educational journey. Graduate school, with its unique challenges and opportunities, has been a revelation. This time around, I've chosen classes in line with my specialization and embarked on an exciting project. I'm here to share the exhilarating differences between my experiences in undergrad and grad school.

A Choice of Classes

Graduate school brings a sense of freedom in academic pursuit. Unlike undergrad, I now have the privilege of selecting classes that align with my passion and career goals. For this semester, I'm diving into the world of remote sensing and applied linear systems, two subjects that have me brimming with excitement.

Balancing Work and Classes

While grad classes are undoubtedly more demanding and challenging than their undergraduate counterparts, there's an unexpected sense of balance and enjoyment that accompanies them. The workload may be heavier, but the satisfaction derived from delving into specialized knowledge makes it all worthwhile. It's a realization that might seem dubiously paradoxical to some, especially since pursuing two degrees at once may seem daunting, but it's an insight that fills me with happiness.

Projects Galore

One of the standout differences in graduate school is the emphasis on projects. Every graduate course almost invariably involves a project. The exciting part is that these projects offer the opportunity to explore one's chosen field in greater depth.

In my remote sensing class, I've embarked on an exciting journey of exploration. My project centers around the European Space Agency's (ESA) three-satellite Swarm mission. This mission is dedicated to unraveling one of the most mysterious aspects of our planet: the magnetic field. While we can't see the magnetic field and electric currents of Earth, they profoundly influence our everyday lives.

As I revel in the world of graduate studies, I'm not just learning; I'm also applying my knowledge to meaningful projects that contribute to our understanding of the world around us. My journey this year promises to be a blend of rigorous academic exploration and exciting hands-on work with the remarkable RAMS team at Wisk, where I'll be interning as part of the Safety & Reliability Graduate Pathways Program.

The transition from undergrad to grad school is indeed a profound one, marked by newfound opportunities and challenges. As I embrace the differences with enthusiasm, I look forward to a year of growth, learning, and exciting discoveries. The world of aerospace engineering is vast, and with each step in my academic journey, I'm getting closer to the stars.

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