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Ways to make the most out of University - Part 3: The Bad

Now, we have arrived at the third part of our new series, where we take a deep dive into everything that accounts for enjoying and using your time in University to the best of your abilities. So far we have tackled all the fun, and happiness, and friend-making, and enjoyable greatness.

However, University is at times simply put: bad.

Don't get me wrong, I am grateful for every second of my education, the amazing friends, opportunities, and experiences I get to have here. Nonetheless, I am also a STEM major. And being a STEM major in any university, around any part of the world (or probably even beyond), can be awful. Studying anything within the realms of science and engineering is beyond challenging. We all have our not simply bad days, but days where we are absolutely ready to leave and let it all go.

This is in no way a representation of how we are bad at our majors or don't enjoy or have a passion for our fields. But simply, because our classes tend to push us above and beyond. This is both a good and bad thing. By pushing us, we realize just how much more we are capable of. But it also makes us fail, struggle, and have bad days.

These bad days tend to show up for me about every mid-semester. Where I not only question my ability to pursue my field but just simply my ability to even pass my classes. This is not about the grades, or the averages (which spoiler alert, for many STEM classes tend to be awful). This is about me feeling like I am not capable, or smart enough for them. This comes from the constant studying, homework writing, test writing, project making, code flooding nights and days and days and nights. Where my brain becomes a scrambled mess of 5 leftover brain cells.

We become drained, tired, and simply burnt out: ready to move to Iceland and open a bakery.

So why on Earth am I writing such a post with the title: Making the MOST out of University? I believe it to be a crucial part of actually living through your University experience. Because the experiences we have in life are not solely good or bad, they are usually a mixed field of colors of everything within and beyond.

I want you to let yourself struggle, and have bad days in University. To allow yourself to be mad, sad, and even ready to quit and leave. Because if you are a STEM major, it's not easy for anyone. The things you are studying, are full of challenging concepts, ideas, and exercises. Let yourselves be challenged, because the more you are, the further you can grow and develop. By letting yourself feel the bad days, you are letting yourself grow more in those subjects and areas.

Many parts of University, are not rainbows and sunshine, and even those I have written about will give you bad days. Clubs, maker spaces, and all will challenge you in your roles and jobs. Let yourself learn quickly from the hardships of it.

And when you are having those bad days, just keep in mind that most of those around you have experienced them too. Let your classmates, friends, or even professors know. They know that it's hard, so let it be challenging. And just know that Im rooting for you, because I have those days too where I feel lost, and out of place.

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