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Ways to make the most out of University - Part 2: Maker Spaces

Hello all!

I know blog posts have been lacking, but school has been a LOT. We all definitely getting deep into the year of yes, this IS rocket science. Which I truly love, however, it also truly challenges me.

Hence, this week we have a post about something that has served as my safe space, favorite getaway, and best hobby through college so far. Maker spaces.

See, I come from a high school and mainly a country where I didn't have much access to machine shops or maker spaces. I have only ever seen a 3D printer, and a laser cutter once in my life. I have never had the opportunity to build things.

However, when I finally got to University, I literally moved into my dorm, in order to have access to a wonderful maker space. And I went crazy! It is now a quite well-known fact that I became obsessed with laser cutting. But to put the whole phenomenon into perspective, I got there; and taught myself as many of the tools, as I could. I was sending so many requests for 3D printing in a week, that they started a scoreboard to keep track of how over half the overall submissions for requests have been done by no other but yours truly.

I love creating, making, and everything that belongs into a maker space. I have found this form of engineering creation to be something that brings me so much joy, and fun, but also challenges me. It has taught me: CAD, Inkscape, and so many other softwares, ideas, and ways of thinking. So if you have access to a maker space, USE IT.

Not only will it make you a better engineer, but also prepare you to be better at facing challenges. There is no constraint or limit as to what you can make and create. These are not for one type of people. I have made my own earrings, created model cars, built a laptop stand, shelves, PCBs. There is so much you can make or come up with.

If you like little characters, you can 3D print them. If you like stationery, you can laser-cut different storage, boxes, etc. If you like chairs, you CAN MAKE A CHAIR!

A maker space or workshop has no limits, no constraints; is filled with creativity, and makes you an overall better engineer in any way you can wish or want. Trust me when I say, it is one of the best hobbies you can have in life. Especially as an engineering student.

As you can tell, it has become one of my greatest passions in life. It is also my job, and I get paid to do it. And overall, it has given me a way to have a hobby that has helped me escape the hardships of University very very very often.

If you have access to it, go and use it. And if you are looking for some amazing projects to do check this AMAZING list of websites out:

Get out there and MAKE SOMETHING!

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