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Requirement: A support system

Hello all!

When I mentioned this post idea last week, I got quite a bit of feedback, about just how important everyone found their support system. I believe it to be quite self-explanatory, why we all need a support system.

Those around us, who help us through thick and thin. Who are by our side, no matter what we plan. And by definition, support us in our endeavors. Let it be the everyday or even the wildest of dreams, they support through it all.

But today, rather than simply detail why it is so important to find a group of people who can serve as such a system. I am also going to talk about why it is also deeply important to mention the ways in which your support system will get you through it all.

By thinking about those around you who can or would or do support you, we often only think about the niceness of this. Sure, it's amazing to have family, friends, significant others, just for simply them existing. However, being a support system is also about much more. We need people who are there to say: You can do it, You should do it, You should take that risk, and so on. We need people who may or may not be relatives, friends, or even those very close to us. Who have faith in us.

Those who don't just simply like our ideas. Those are people who are there for the idea. We need people who just are there for you, as you figure it out. Who will frankly tell you if your idea is wild, or crazy, or maybe even bad. To do a thing, or to make a thing, or to whatever. But they still let YOU choose. They allow you to think, to explore, to all so importantly fail.

They don't ever bring you down about failing, even they told you that a certain thing would be a bad idea. They don't come back to say, I told you so. They just celebrate you trying your best, for getting out of your comfort zone. For making your own decisions, and deciding, or thinking about anything freely.

They teach you to feel the freedom, of your choices, of your acts. Sure, they can warn you, but at the end of the day, they are simply just there to support you. In your success, your failure, your nothing.

And why is this so important, especially in STEM?

STEM is a hard field. It isn't simply hard because of the demands, and work, and studying it acquires. But also because of the mental hardships it has. A lot of fields can pose imposter syndrome onto one. However, quite sadly, STEM does this very often to those who decide to take such a path.

STEM is also hard because one can doubt themselves. One can question if they will ever make it very often. I will never forget the nightmares and worries I had right before starting University. I never believed myself to be capable of such things. Especially, to be enough to do this.

I still doubt myself often. I have many days, where all I can think is that I am simply not capable, or not enough. However, those who are my support system, help me through it all.

Maybe not even in the way of saying things, or doing things. But by simply being present, as I figure things out. They watch me fail, and they don't think any less of me because I do. They listen to me, when I doubt myself, and reassure me, that I am really am enough. That I am always capable of more, and I shouldn't be limiting myself.

All in all, we all need a support system to get through life. To get through the hard days and even the easy days. And by figuring out who your support system is, you can help yourself do much better at work, school, and in general, life.

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