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Intentions for 2022

Hi all! I was never really one for the whole new year, new me craze. Yet for this year, I did want to write up some intentions. They won't or break ideas that would affect my mindset in regards to whether this is a good or a bad year.

However, they are what I wish for myself for this year. Some ideas that I want for this year. Not goals, not resolutions, nothing like that. Just making sure I will feel 22 in 2022 :)

  • Quit More

Now, this may sound insane at first. But I am the definition of having an inability to pass on opportunities. I always say yes, keep applying and just find myself with 600 jobs, 48478 things to do, and just wayyyy too much going on at once.

Therefore, I am setting out to master the art of quitting more. From the things I am no more as passionate about to the things that I feel I only said yes to because I couldn't say no. I will be quitting some of those jobs, and clubs and positions, and so on.

Because sometimes, quitting can be the best thing you can do.

  • Live a little more fully

From quitting comes the other side of doing a little more. Especially towards the end of the year, I found myself doing less and less. I have always been an elderly lady at my soul. From going to bed at 10 pm to drinking tea in the afternoons, I was never a wild one.

This is unlikely to change with the new year, but I am aiming to make less taught-over decisions. As I have always been a lover of pro-con lists, with the new year I am ditching them in a few cases. Like dying my hair purple (which turned out more pink than purple.) I now get to look like a raging teenager. Which for the record, I am anything but with less than 70 days until I turn 22.

  • Take some deeper breaths

See, I have always been a fighter. Barely letting go of things, that were all so close to breaking. Which does make me an amazing STEM student, and striving engineer. However, in some instances, makes me an awful person. Not with others, but with myself. I am aiming to take some deeper breaths, and let go of a few things. As after all, sometimes it's nice for some things to break.

On this note, someone please remind me to clean out my closet and room when I get back to University. Thank you.

  • Do more from and for my heart

See the other thing I have always been is someone with a guarded heart. I have always been madly in love with the things I do, which does make me very lucky on the note of passion. However, it also makes putting my work out there harder too.

I hate not striving for perfection. Which as an idealized goal is great, but not in reality. Where you constantly find yourself redoing, readjusting.

So this year I intend on doing more from my heart, just with some pure passion and no redoes, and adjustments. Just some pure, from the heart work.

This is also for my heart. I want to find the time to do more of what I love. Not for anyone else, or any goal in particular. Just bring some extra happiness into my days. Because it's totally free to do that!

And I guess that is all I am setting out to do more and less of this coming year. What are your plans for this year? I hope they bring you joy!

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