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Happy One Year!

Well, we made it. It has been exactly 365 days since the first post was launched on the site. Time runs by fast when you are ..... busy? I guess the reality of the blog would always be that it would set out with weekly posts that would occasionally fade as University, and life and everything in-between was chasing me down. However, this blog has been one of my proudest works. It's honest, daring, and truly hard to follow with just how all over the place it tends to be. Quite like the author herself.

Life has been interesting in the past few months. Very busy, and even busier. Classes are challenging, and amazing but also consume way too much of the 24 hours of the day. Life has also been throwing quite the mix of unexpected rocks, ravines and mountains, and a random assortment of challenges in my way. Yet, as I am typing these words, I am realizing just how much I have truly missed writing these posts. Which I am quite sure can be taken as a true indicator that more should be coming your way very soon!

The past year was filled with an amazing collection of posts, that I am truly proud of. From vulnerable to recommending to ideas to things to do there has been so much. The blog has become truly my outlet, just for me. I remember that at first I perfected and polished every post to a point where I felt others would be approving of it. Thankfully, as the weeks and months went by the pressure of posting anything beyond what I truly felt like I wanted, vanished. The need for perfection, and approving nods of others faded. And now, here we are with several posts coming that will be raw, honest, and open.

The blog went from being a place for me to give advice and share my journey to something that also portrays the reality of my life. The failures, hardships, life lessons learned. I am truly excited for all the greatness this blog has brought into my life. Not with listable awards or successes, but that filled with a sense of freedom. My place to ramble, feel and even shout on the occasion.

So I guess, this post is more of a nod, from me to you and from me to me. A nod to you for reading, for letting me grow and share and be honest with you. And for me to appreciate just how much I have grown and learned in the past year. There is still a world to explore, and much to learn on this journey. But I must say, I believe I will do just that.

Also. Guess who just applied to graduate school!

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