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For success: You need a break

To all who know me, the title might sound a little insane. As I may be one of the worst people to talk about breaks, when I have avoided them at all costs, for most of my life. Sick before a school morning? Would still try to slip by mom's gaze to get to school. Barely got time to sleep on a Saturday? Will still work hard to get a post to you every week.

However, you are reading this post, that is being published on a Sunday. We need breaks. I need them, you need them, your mom needs them. And in today's post, we will take a deep dive into how taking breaks can actually make you a lot better at what you do.

  • The obvious

When you take breaks, you rest. With a well-rested brain and body. You will be capable of doing much better. When taking a break, you can gain focus and energy. For example, a lunch break can help prevent an unproductive, mid-afternoon slump. We all need to re-charge.

  • The little less obvious

Breaks allow your brain to retain and process newly-given information. The reason everyone recommends smaller study periods, with tiny breaks is that it actually boosts your brain. If your brain is allowed to take a break, it will be able to process information in a much more relaxed state.

  • The wow that's cool

Breaks improve our dealing with stress. By taking breaks you are allowing yourself to reduce your given stress load. By reducing it, one can have a much smaller likeliness of developing chronic levels of stress, and even illnesses. Constant worry can spoil your brain and even your body.

  • The wait, that's amazing too

Breaks boost your creativity! When completing different tasks or jobs, your brain is using a different method for thinking. Therefore, you will have a raised likeliness of solving your previous challenges by happening upon a new idea, or process!

  • The okay, I need this right now

Breaks have been shown to improve health. By resting, keeping a good sleep schedule, and others, we can boost our immune system. Not only can we reduce the likeliness of inflammation, and many others, but we can improve our general health habits too.

  • And the main why

Life is about a lot more than just working, and constantly completing tasks and jobs. You need to breathe, take some time for yourself. Remember that your breaks are there for you. If you want to take a walk, paint something or maybe just listen to some music and stare out your window. You need it.

I barely used to take breaks. Because in my head, taking a break meant the opposite of being productive. However, I learned that now whenever I do so, I do much better work after. I know it may sound unlikely. But by leaving an annoying bug, and taking even just a 5-minute break to not even think of it and recharge. I can solve the problem much better and quicker.

And lastly, it's also just there to keep you sane. To keep you from always being in a pattern of work and sleep. I can certainly say, that I love the things I get to do. I truly love working. But I realize that life isn't just my career and what I do when I work. I am certainly very proud of it, and crazy passionate about it. But I love my other passions too. The ones I do to make and keep me happy, and sane.

So everyone. please take a break.

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